Monday, January 23, 2012

Tool #8 - Playing with Toys

The Netbooks: Through the District SpEd department, I already have access to 10 Netbooks. The netbooks have Windows 7 and several USB ports (this is one feature I like quite a bit). I don't remember how many I am getting for my personal classroom and honestly not sure how I would implement the use of Netbooks in my math classroom. I have already been able to use the Netbooks in my English co-teach classes. We have allowed students to use them to work on their projects in Google Docs. I also see the Netbooks being used for students who receive oral administration. The test or quiz could be placed in a student's Google Docs account or through Dropbox and then the student could take their quiz or test with Read, Write, Gold.

iPads/iTouches:  Again, I don't know which device I will receive.  For students with sight issues, I do hope I will receive iPads.  I learned that I will have to create a seperate account for iTunes to manage my Spring Branch stuff.  I also learned where I can go to download different content specific Apps.  I plan to visit with other Resource Math teachers in the district to learn what they find useful on their devices and I also have a wonderful resource within my department who has already been using his own, personal iPad to help his students understand concepts better through streaming videos.

Management:  I will be composing a set of rules and procedures for use of the iPads/iPods and Netbooks in my classroom.  These will cover caring for and using the devices in class.  Each student will sign a contract accepting my terms of use policy for my class.  The struggle that I foresee is exactly how fold in the use of the devices into consistent classroom use. This will require some intense time management skill.

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