Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Beginning . . .

I am actually a bit anxious about this adventure we are beginning.  I realize that many other schools have already done this or are currently in the middle of it and everyone has survived.  I am worried this will just add more to my already overflowing plate.  Also, I am too sensitive to the anxiety felt by others so that does not help.  

Having said all of that, I am hopeful certain good will come out of this.  I will go with the flow.  It has been pretty easy so far.  We are all in this together so it is easy to find someone who can help when I have a question.  Who knows, maybe I will find something, maybe The One Thing that will help all of my kids "get it" -- that "Ah-ha Moment".  Fingers crossed . . .


  1. You will do fine. I am working on Tool #2 and have found many sites/blogs that have so much information. I think I may be suffering from overload. LOL

  2. I understand what you mean, just make a little time and go with the flow. If others survived, we can too.

  3. I KNOW you will take something you learn along the way and run with it. You're just that kinda teacher. And I'm glad you went against your sworn statemnt that you wouldn't teach high school. You make a difference, you really do!