Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Tool is #2.

I feel I am already a part of a PLN through the Mommy Blogs that I follow and participate in.  Having those Blogs helps me keep my sanity, keeps me in check, and teaches me so many things I am grateful to know.  One of the Blogs has a pledge one can sign called the Mom Pledge.  It basically says "I will conduct myself with integrity, I will treat other comments with respect, I will not bully, I will not allow others a platform to attack. . . that we are all a community and should work together to better each other" (Elizabeth Flora Ross). This is something I completely agree with.  I have encountered too many comments on Blog posting that become just plain mean and hateful.

I have been wanting to get Google Reader set up for a while but other things always seem to pop up and take priority on my To Do List.  This weekend I plan to dedicate some time to finally getting it set up.

I don't have a problem posting on other people's sites but (contrary to this posting), I am not much of a writer.  I would much rather have a face to face dialogue with someone.  I feed off not only people's thoughts and ideas but body language as well.

I hope to find some of the same wonderful things I have found in my personal blogs in the professional blogs I have found, and continue to find.  Many of the blogs are geared towards educational philosophy, news and ideas.  But a couple are also real.  They are more of a place where teachers vent frustrations and cheer celebrations from the classroom.  I was pleased to come across Math Tales from the Spring.  This teacher posts some of the lessons she has done with her Algebra students.  I have also enjoyed what I have read from Education on the Plate which is a nice blend of educational news, philosophy and musings (with a touch of snarky which I love).

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