Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tool # 6 - Sometimes the quiet ones have the most to say . . .

For Tool #6, I explored the Forms portion of Google Docs a bit more and created the following questionnaire I would use with a video about Slope-Intercept form I assign my students to watch.

I found the "Theme" button which allows me to change the format and background of the questionnaire.  I like that feature.  I really want to start some "Backwards Teaching" and I think this Forms tool could be a great addition to the pre-learning/pre-teaching kids experience at home through video links.  I even figured out how to adjust the size of the poll found in the HTML embedding code to shrink it a bit!

I also like this idea of creating a classroom Blog through Blogger.  I am just still trying to wrap my head around how I would use it.  I honestly don't want to manage a website and a blog.  I am curious if other teachers have found a way to combine the two and how they do it.

I was introduced to Poll Everywhere last school year and again at the beginning of the year; both by Alan November.  I think the site is very cool but has the distinct drawback of every kid needing to have a phone which has texting capabilities.

In reality, I think Poll Everywhere is similar to what ActivExpressions can do and we know all kids can access those tools.

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  1. You are making great connections back to your classroom teaching. These are all good ways to engage your students in the lesson. I don't think anyone expects you to maintain two sites--choose the one you enjoy doing most and go with it. You can tweet/facebook changes to your blog for students/parents following you. Hopefully by the time you complete this course you will know what you want to do. Good job!